Inspired by the practice of aikido, where two people work together, to help each other grow. Every body and everybody teaches us something new, we just need to have the right tools to understand what it is. Only the experienced practitioners can internally understand that, adapt and learn from it, without getting into frustrations or aggressions. We are here to help you to that level, that you can self-reflect on the world within and around.

Aikipath is finding harmony in your spirit and connecting it to your life purpose, your way of life. Everybody is a unique being that needs to find a way to ‘’know thyself’’ and from there to understand the world around.

As a pendulum, life takes us left and right until we come to the point, where we feel aligned and understand our Organizing Idea. Then we start working out of a position of serenity and center.

Who we are

Aikipath is a platform for collaboration, where different teachings and techniques meet to guide us towards a better understanding of ourselves.

My name is Jože Petrich, I am a curious person who wants to become more balanced, grounded and better understand myself and I would like to share the concepts and ideas that work.

At my side are people from a variety of fields and together we work with business or personal related problems.

What truly matters what happens within us as a person or as a business.


What we do

We offer personalized coaching and counseling workshops and sessions, real life and online. Trough expertise in business and personal development combined with martial art and mediation.

Finding the Organizing Idea for people and businesses is our goal.For this purpose, we developed the

Our first tool on this path is the Game Of Values, We all have the need to be connected to the values that we hold the dearest and this game is a helping tool to do so.

”We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”


How to grow.

With all the knowledge that is surrounding us, we are facing a challenge, to change the ways we learn and develop. Being comfortable with change and not having to be pushed into it by stress.