We develop strategies for development.

Here are some of our guidelines. Looking for ways to balance the competing goals and interests of people and business. Balancing the profit motive with the desire to care for others. Thinking at least 25 years ahead, this longer-term view should make adopting creative solutions and develop the companies strengths and not be all the time concerned about tomorrow. Shareholders and employees with an emotional commitment to the business. Stewardship and the question that follows is “Who are you being a steward for and who are your stakeholders?” The stakeholders are the family,¬†employees, customers and the communities in which they live and do business. Social capital”. One aspect of social capital is the philanthropic endeavors of the family. But social capital also refers to the reputation of the family, the connection that the family name can bring, the doors that it can open and the standing of the family in the community. How do you enhance the social capital of your family? Try creative capitalism.